Plantforce magnesium Osteo powder - 180 gram

  • Magnesium supports a normal healthy nervous system and muscle function.

  • Easy to mix and drink.

  • Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

  • Magnesium helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth

  • RAW & Vegan

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Product Description


Nutritional supplement with magnesium, vegan D3, K2, zinc, potassium, boron, vitamins C and B6.

MAG OSTEO is formulated to help absorb the calcium obtained in your diet and contribute to the maintenance of normal healthy bones. When the powder is mixed in water ionic magnesium citrate is created through a reaction between magnesium carbonate and citric acid.

– Magnesium supports normal healthy nervous system and muscle function.

– Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

– Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism

– Magnesium contributes to normal protein synthesis

– Magnesium helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: The individual needs may vary. Start by taking 2.5 g (approximately 1 teaspoon with top) per day and gradually increases to a maximum of 5.5 g (about 3 teaspoons) per day. Plantforce® Mag Osteo can be taken with or without food. Do not exceed the recommended daily doses. The daily dose can be ingested at one time, or may be distributed over 2-3 times during the day. DIRECTIONS: Are mixed up in a half to a full glass of cold or warm water. Let it effervesce and then mix in the water until dissolved. Cold water will be used the shower for about 10 min. before it is ready for consumption. Use hot water can be swallowed almost immediately. STORAGE: Dry and at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Why is Plantforce Magnesium different?

Most people know of the mineral magnesium. It’s in fact an essential mineral, just like zinc, calcium and potassium is a mineral, because without it the body cannot function properly. Insufficient amounts can lead to a range of problems such as muscle cramping, fatigue, long-term issues with maintaining bone and teeth etc.

Aside from the magnesium you obtain via food, you can also increase the intake by consuming magnesium as a dietary supplement. As a dietary supplement, there are many types of magnesium products to pick from. It’s about getting the right one.

In nature you can’t just go and eat a rock if you need additional minerals. In short, microorganisms help minerals in the soil to be absorbed by plants that then complex them into the plant. So just like eating a rock wouldn’t work, you can’t just go and eat the soil to get minerals.
When human eat plants, the minerals inside the plant can be absorbed and used by the human body – of course to varying degrees depending on the specific plant, food preparation (e.g. cooking vs raw), digestive health and so forth. Another way of putting it is that plants attach a carrier-molecule to the mineral so it can be absorbed.

To render magnesium supplements useful, magnesium is coupled with another molecule – think of this as the carrier-molecule. This carrier-molecule can for example be an amino acid or an organic acid.

Here we’ll focus on magnesium citrate to explain why Plantforce Magnesium is unique. First you need to know that there are two chemical forms of magnesium citrate even if in daily language everyone just says magnesium citrate which creates a lot of confusion.

The most common type of magnesium citrate is found in capsules and tablets but sometimes even in powder. The proper chemical name for this is magnesium citrate 3:2, so-called tri-magnesium-citrate, meaning 3 molecules of magnesium and 2 molecules citric acid. This is also referred to as a ‘salt’ and is much less water-soluble and more alkaline. In this particular situation, alkaline has nothing to do with how it affects blood pH and health, in case you are into this.

The other much less common type of magnesium citrate is chemically what we refer to as magnesium citrate 1:1. It consist of one molecule magnesium and one molecule citric acid. Most people understand things so far but here is where things get really confusing for most people.

You won’t find magnesium citrate 1:1 in either tablets, capsules or even powder. It’s chemically not possible. The way magnesium citrate 1:1 is created is via a chemical reaction mixing magnesium carbonate and citric acid in water.

Magnesium carbonate as an individual magnesium source is pretty much useless because it’s barely absorbed. However, when mixing magnesium carbonate with citrc acid a chemical reaction takes place between magnesium carbonate and citric acid. The carbonate-part of the magnesium carbonate goes off (you can see that bubbles are created in the water, it fizzes) and ‘the lonely’ magnesium combines with citric acid.

But things doesn’t end here. To make matters more complex what you got now is not just magnesium citrate 1:1. In fact you got what we refer to as ionic magnesium citrate but since ionic is a very unfamiliar to most people, let’s explain this:

Much unlike magnesium citrate 3:2 – a molecule more tightly bound together and consisting of 3 parts magnesium and 2 parts citric acid – magnesium citrate 1:1 is not chemically bound together. The magnesium is in ionic form which means it has a positive charge and the citric acid has a negative charge. If you could zoom in on molecular level, you would see these two molecules vibrate towards each other – plus being attracted to minus – without creating a fixed chemical bond. Hence it stays in ionic form, “dancing” like two attracted partners in the liquid solution, without forming into one unit.

So in case you wonder, yes, magnesium citrate 1:1 is superior to magnesium citrate 3:2. This is why Plantforce Magnesium comes in powder that has to be mixed in water and not magnesium 3:2 which is found in tablet, capsule or powder.

Additional Information

Additional Information

BrandThird Wave Nutrition
inhoud150 gr
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Top spul!Review by Esmee
Dankzij de krachtige Magnesium van Plantforce de Nijmeegse vierdaagse makkelijk en zonder spierkrampen uitgelopen. Mijn hele detachement heeft er echt wat aan gehad. Het werkt snel en is dus goed opneembaar. Bedankt! Ook voor de snelle en zorgvuldige levering. (Posted on 23/07/2019)

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