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Thank you for your interest in becoming a retail partner with Plent. We provide products of the highest quality and purity with the goal of unlocking the true potential of one’s health. By partnering with Plent, you’ll help promote the importance of quality health supplements to customers and help them make a better choice when it comes to choosing their supplements.

Once you have an account with us, we’ll give you access to our partner Plentform. What you get is :

- The best products avaiable.

- Healthy impressive margins 

- Stock deliveries

- Fast and trustworthy deliveries throughout Europe.

Enjoy our interesting tiered pricing, with most products we start with an impressive minimum standard margin of 35% and going up to 45% in 2 small steps.
To help us initiate the account set up process, please register HERE.
A representative will follow up within 1 business day of the receipt of application to amend your registration into a Reseller account.
If you have any questions, please call us at 085-0608765 or email us on : [email protected]

Kind regards
The Plent Team

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